1. darksilenceinsuburbia:

    Ray Oranges

    Daily Life in a Dream

    1. Home Bitter Home

    2. Invisible Dead

    3. The Winner is…

    4. Stop

    5. Loneliness


  2. likeafieldmouse:

    Jordan Kasey - Seated Figure




  5. darksilenceinsuburbia:

    Kyler Zeleny

    Out West

    Out West is a visual travelogue documenting rural communities in the Canadian west. Over a hundred communities of between six and 1,000 inhabitants were documented. The project offers a version of the current state of affairs in the Canadian West, exploring how rural spaces experience an urban-rural time lag. The images conjure up a Vonnegut-like idea of being “unstuck in time”, where objects and the built landscape deceive the viewer as to what period they belong too. (artist statement)



  6. cross-connect:

    Selected works from Project Astoria: Test 01 by LA-based photographer Todd Baxter

    "Project Astoria: Test 01, an 11-image photo series, is the first of several planned shows for Baxter’s latest multi-series effort, Project Astoria. Test 01 is an introduction to the people, animals, and objects of the fictional Astoria System, the retro-futuristic backdrop of on-going multi-media exploration of dystopia and coming-of-age." (text from Behance)

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  7. larobotique:

    uuiuu: Andrea Branzi


  8. slowartday:

    Details from mixed media installation pieces by duo Nicole Andrijevic & Tanya Schultz

    (via escapismtothemaximum)


  9. larobotique:

    nevver: Life is only on Earth. And not for long. Delaney Allen.



  11. laughingsquid:

    Fascinating Long-Exposure Photos That Visualize Wi-Fi Signals

    “Digital Ethereal” is a project by designer Luis Hernan that used long-exposure photography to create fascinating visualizations of Wi-Fi signals. Hernan visualized the signals with his Android app Kirlian Device mobile, which displays Wi-Fi signal strength with an array of colors.


  12. les-sources-du-nil:

    Jean Ledru

    "Donner à voir", circa 1965

    (Source: ebay.co.uk, via hifructosemag)



  14. supersonicart:

    Cai Guo-Qiang’s “Ninth Wave.”

    Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang recently set up his new installation entitled, “The Ninth Wave" in the Huangpu River near Shanghai to drum up excitement for his sure to be incredible solo show at the Power Station of Art starting August 8th, 2014 in Shanghai.  See more of this work below:

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