1. oxane:

    New Clothes / El traje nuevo by Jose Rosero

    Collage + painting

    (…)the young art curators that were in charge of holding on the theories of the Great Curator and Art Critic, put their hands down to make the writing-gesture in order to argue something. For anything in this world they would’ve confessed that they didn’t understand anything and by this way the Great Curator began to walk under the wonderful canopy in the exhibition hall while the crowd, fancying their selves as intellectuals, was shouting:

    -What a wonderful Art! What terrific interpretations! What interesting points of view!

    In order of not to be considered as incompetent or stupid, everyone were scared of being discovered and were hiding that didn’t see and understand anything. No other Art theory had had as much success as this. And the Curator was still walking opposite everyone.

    -But I couldn’t understand anything! A child exclaimed.

    -Holly god! Just listen the voice of innocence –His father spoke, and everybody began to repeat their selves what the child said.

    -He don’t understand anything, He is a little child and says that there is nothing really!
    -There’s nothing! This is a sham! –The crowd finally shouted.

    The Curator was disturbed by this situation. He began to realize that the people could’ve the reason but he thought: «It is necessary to stand up until the end». And the Curator continued walking prouder than before and the young curators, which usually work for sumptuous galleries and national exhibitions, carried on supporting the nonsense theory.

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    Artist’s name: Jose Rosero Artwork specs: New Clothes / El Traje Nuevo, 2012, collage Artist’s webpages:...
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