1. Lumerians - Life Without Skin Music Video
    Directed by Waylon Bacon

    Via REDEFINE magazine Interview & Music Video of the Week Feature


  2. Stream/Download Mixtape On REDEFINE magazine 

    Hands In The Dark was born at the end of a boozy party in 2010! What could have ended up just a brilliant idea and a short-lived story became the start of a great musical adventure, bringing together two lovers of “unclassified” music. Hands In the Dark pulls together various sounds with the common feature of mixing pop and experimental music. Grouping them under the title ‘Expop’ music, HITD has quickly reached its 12th release comprising CD’s, vinyl and even tapes. HITD also means ”DIY”. We build everything from top to bottom, from contact with the bands we love to sending out the parcels. We always preserve our freedom with no artistic pressure. Such is the great enterprise of HITD. In short, a French label with acertain je-ne-sais-quoi 

    Hands In The Dark est né fin 2010 lors d’une soirée arrosée! Ce qui aurait pu s’apparenter à une fulgurance doublée d’une histoire sans lendemain n’était en fait que le début d’une belle aventure musicale réunissant deux amis passionnés de musiques inclassables. Hands In The Dark rassemble des sonorités diverses et ayant pour dénominateur commun un côté expérimental allié à un versant pop. Rassemblé sous l’étiquette d’ «Expop music», le catalogue du label comptera bientôt 12 références… Cd’s, vinyles mais aussi cassettes. HITD, c’est aussi l’importance du côté « DIY ». Tout est de A à Z géré par nos soins, de la prise de contact avec les groupes que l’on aime à l’envoi des disques. Aucune entrave à notre liberté, aucune contrainte artistique… Tel est le vaste chantier de HITD. 

    1. Lee Noble - Woman In The Dunes
    2. Ensemble Economique - Your Hands, Your Lips, Your EYES, Your Hips
    3. Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier - Amish Amish Land
    4. Lumerians - Track 1
    5. Death And Vanilla - Cul-De-Sac
    6. Sacred Harp - Brother Green
    7. Holy Strays - Peaceful Rain
    8. Cankun - Your Fingers The Snakes
    9. Co La - Love Nest
    10. Johnny Hawaii - Wave Goodbye
    11. Cough Cool - Plastic Jewelry
    12. Metacomet - Warm Winds
    13. Stag Hare - To Coyoto To Hop

    Stream/Download Mixtape On REDEFINE magazine


  3. REDEFINE magazine BODY||MIND SXSW House Party + Pour Le Corps / Complicated Dance Steps Unofficial SXSW Showcase - Joint Mixtape

    Featuring  Young Magic, Lumerians, Royal Baths, The Night Beats, Prince Rama, Sun Araw, Midday Veil, Swahili, TOPS, Sam Flax, Diamond Age, Matthewdavid, Son Fish, Spacebeach, Dolores Boys, Darktown Strutters, Xander Harris, T A S S E L S, eyes wings and many other things, Tenstairs, Oedipa Maas, KEEPBULLFIGHTING, Ana & Ina 


  4. REDEFINE magazine’s Unofficial SXSW 2012 House Party!! BODY||MIND
    Full details HERE. Facebook invite HERE.


    Friday, March 16th, 2012
    @ House Of Commons
    (2610 Rio Grande St., Austin, TX)
    Doors 4:00pm; Show 4:30pm


    SXSW 2011 saw the wildly successful house party GARAGE _ PSYCH _ DANCE, the first joint effort of a dynamic booking trio consisting of Vivian Hua (Editor-in-Chief of Pacific Northwest-based publication REDEFINE magazine), Marjorie Owens (founder of the influential Dallas-based blog Clumsy N Shy) and Gina Altamura (an innovative curator of Portland nightclub Holocene).

    In 2012, the trio is at it again, with BODY||MIND — a revelatory show that focuses again engages the body through dance rhythms and the mind through psyche-altering compositions.

    BODY||MIND aims to create a concept-heavy discotheque that encourages equally radiant inner and outer worlds. The unofficial house party will find its strength in moments where sounds and visuals work to transform consciousness – where mental liberation through hypnotic meanderings and physical liberation through carnal joys will lead to the celebration of psychedelia in its purest, most immediate form. Showgoers will be immersed at times in a complete intermedia experience that will make BODY||MIND unlike any other SXSW-related event.

    Last year’s show attracted the attention of hundreds of people. BODY||MIND promises to be an even more unique and rich artistic experience for all. Please join us.


    For more details, please contact: Vivian Hua (huav@redefinemag.com) or Gina Altamura (gina.altamura@gmail.com)


    Complete Lineup & Schedule

    { INDOORS }
    22:30   AU
    21:30   Young Magic
    20:30   Swahili
    19:30   Midday Veil
    18:30   The Night Beats
    17:30   Jeffrey Jerusalem
    16:30   Sam Flax
    { OUTDOORS }
    21:00   Prince Sunarawma (Prince Rama + Sun Araw)
    20:00   Royal Baths
    19:00   Lumerians
    18:00   Beat Connection

    17:00   TOPS