1. “We read a lot of books on meditation – a lot of books on magic, numerology, astropsychology; quantum physics… and one thing that we always find is that the visuals are always really cheesy… so we feel that we have this duty to create this space or domain of knowing that has a really interesting and modern visual side to these philosophies we find really interesting…” - Jimmy Edgar, on his record label, Ultramajic

    via REDEFINE magazine - Jimmy Edgar Artist Interview: Building Rainbow-Colored Bridges Between Music, Aesthetics & Metaphysical Ideas


  2. "I don’t really think that writing songs about your personal life is really interesting when you are concerned with the entire Universe, Space, and Time, etc. — except as much as one person’s personal experience of life might be a single point reflecting the blazing light of that Totality."
    — Arrington de Dionyso, on album themes (INTERVIEW)

    (Source: hellomynameisvee)