1. Xander Harris - “Night Fortress” Music Video
    Directed by Melissa Cha

    "From its wavy slow-motion intro alone, one can tell that the music video for Xander Harris’ “Night Fortress” is bound to be a rainbow-colored adventure into bizarre costumes and texture-melting acid trip territory. The best part, though, is that it’s not walls or environments melting here — that would be too boring — but rather, bobbing and weaving dancers that dissipate and reform while in a static environment, their bodies changing by way by way of sharp refraction, color dodges, and ripple effects. It really is a video that gets better with repeat viewings, and the dance moves are just tantalizing." — via REDEFINE magazine.


  2. REDEFINE magazine BODY||MIND SXSW House Party + Pour Le Corps / Complicated Dance Steps Unofficial SXSW Showcase - Joint Mixtape

    Featuring  Young Magic, Lumerians, Royal Baths, The Night Beats, Prince Rama, Sun Araw, Midday Veil, Swahili, TOPS, Sam Flax, Diamond Age, Matthewdavid, Son Fish, Spacebeach, Dolores Boys, Darktown Strutters, Xander Harris, T A S S E L S, eyes wings and many other things, Tenstairs, Oedipa Maas, KEEPBULLFIGHTING, Ana & Ina